Respiratory Problems in Calves

Respiratory problems in young cattle are, unfortunately, all too common. Calves, like children, are particularly prone to respiratory problems as their immune system is not fully developed. The severity of the problems can vary from a mild nasal discharge and coughing in a group of calves, to severe pneumonia with some deaths. Respiratory problems are […]

Make the best out of forage

Forage is still one of the cheapest available feeds for cattle and is capable of sustaining good levels of animal performance even in the autumn and winter. But forage provides an inconsistent source of nutrients and without a balanced nutrient intake, feed digestion and animal performance will suffer. Growing youngstock, including bulling and in-calf heifers […]

Crystalyx Cattle Booster Heifer Trial – Germany

Trial Site:  Golzow, Brandenburg, Germany Animals: 126 Holstein dairy replacement heifers, initial liveweight approx 485kg Commencement Date: 8th May 2007 The heifers were split into 2 groups to be pregnancy synchronised at grass. Animals were weighed at the start of the trial, during mid-season (mid July) and at housing (end October). Both groups had access […]

How to Maintain Calf Health and Performance Post Weaning

How to Maintain Calf Health and Performance Post Weaning   Weaning is the point where calves transfer from a liquid to a solid diet and can only be undertaken successfully when the rumen has developed sufficiently to support the fermentation and digestion of solid feed. Rather than setting a fixed time, weaning is best done […]

Crystalyx Beet Balancer- specially formulated feed block to supplement cattle grazing on fodder beet

Crystalyx feed blocks are unique: Crystalyx Beet Balancer, like all Crystalyx products is manufactured by a unique, patented, cooking process in which the moisture in the molasses is boiled off, concentrating the sugars in the molasses and producing a very low residual moisture content of less than 5%, typically nearer 3%. Other blocks on the […]