Forage Plus Heifer Trial – Germany

Forage Plus with reflection

Trial Site:  Golzow, Brandenburg, Germany Animals: 126 Holstein dairy replacement heifers, initial liveweight approx 485kg Commencement Date: 8th May 2007 The heifers were split into 2 groups to be pregnancy synchronised at grass. Animals were weighed at the start of the trial, during mid-season (mid July) and at housing (end October). Both groups had access […]

How to Maintain Calf Health and Performance Post Weaning

How to Maintain Calf Health and Performance Post Weaning   Weaning is the point where calves transfer from a liquid to a solid diet and can only be undertaken successfully when the rumen has developed sufficiently to support the fermentation and digestion of solid feed. Rather than setting a fixed time, weaning is best done […]

Crystalyx Beet Balancer- specially formulated feed block to supplement cattle grazing on fodder beet

Crystalyx feed blocks are unique: Crystalyx Beet Balancer, like all Crystalyx products is manufactured by a unique, patented, cooking process in which the moisture in the molasses is boiled off, concentrating the sugars in the molasses and producing a very low residual moisture content of less than 5%, typically nearer 3%. Other blocks on the […]